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Agony of Souls - Temporärer Wahnsinn

A typically odd entry into our blog, this is the second album by German "Aggrotech" band "Agony of  Souls".
The group has two albums under this name, two under the name "Tiefenstrom" (which is more     NdH),and one under the name "Schwellenleid", which pre-dates Agony of Souls.
I find the obscurity of this group, quite bizarre, as most Aggrotech / Dark Electro releases circulate en massé, and the halycon days of this style being popular only seemed to disappear in the last 2-3 years. 
Shunned by Eisenfunk, XMH, and a million other neon faeries, Agony of Souls are barely mentioned online at all except a Discogs page. Not such a big deal, except trelease is really good, if you like this kind of music.
Reminds me heavily of early Dawn of Ashes, Hocico, and :Wumpscut:. Usual Distorted vocals, techno   beats, arpeggiators, and so-on.
Favourite tracks : Jagdzeit / Source of Pain.

Scans included.

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