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ደም እና ክብር ‎– እንቁራሪው ጥቁር ፊት ይለብሳል





 ደም እና ክብር ‎claim to be Ethiopian, but this is extremely unlikely. Marketed as "NS Ethopian Black Metal" by Winter Solace, rings a few alarm bells. I like the labels stuff, and I like Douglas. Some of their outsider music is fantastic for the short-circuited strings of sanity that I pluck daily.

The problems lie however in the following :

This Isn't Black metal. It's Noise, with foreign, "African" sounding Chanting.It was released earlier in 2020 to 14 copies, to restrict it to the masses and also sound edgy at the same time. But there's no way this is Ethiopian, and not for the first time, Douglas is probably trolling / being trolled.

It's certainly an odd release, and it's ideal fodder for this blog. Is it any good, though? 

Yes, if you expect and give nothing to it. It's short, noisy and extremely Tribal. Against my better judgement, I enjoy this tape, and you should too.

Due to Windows being a cunt, all track titles are in English. The correct titles are on the Discogs page.









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