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Dharsvagûndzmal - Käärmekuu


I had a lot of interest when I previously posted a Lichtung Tapes release, so here's another. Very recently acquired (Released in September of this year), this is the second demo by Dharsvagûndzmal, a band with no published information about them.

The track is VERY Raw Black metal, buried under "Wind-Tunnel" distortion, but I can make out drums guitars and vocals, so go ahead and add it to the Archives, if that's your vice.

In terms of how this sounds, it reminds me of the early work by Xasthur, production wise. The riffs and screams I can make out do cast my mind back to that style, but it's so murky it could be almost anything under here.

This was limited to around 20 copies, so good luck finding an original. This recording is my own personal rip, so if you want it re-done in a different format, please get in touch.


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