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Svafnir - Let the Ravens Come

 Svafnir - Let the Ravens Come 


Discogs describes this as a "Black metal / Ambient" release, but the first thing I want to say is that this is entirely incorrect. Svafnir plays Dungeon Synth and Ambient music with Pagan / Medieval influences. The only thing "Black metal" about this is that it is a side project of  Augur Svafnir from Sturmkaiser and Draugur.

 This is a good cd, the first track has a choppy effect to it that made me think the CDR was faulty, but this is on every copy and only on this first track. No idea why there's very little about this online. 

 Casio / DS lovers, enjoy adding this to your collection. 



  1. ...of the Roman type, I trust? ;)

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Fabio.