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The Savage Young Taterbug - Journeyman's Cheddar

Journeyman's Cheddar - cover art     
A glorious find, obscure lo-fi and sampling projects can be done terribly, or they can be done really well. This is a prime example of the latter.
The project is from Iowa, and is about as deranged a recording as anything else I can possibly conjure to memory. It's best described as Sound Collage, and has a very prevalent Hillbilly / Cabaret / Vaudeville / Jazz theme to it. The first couple of tracks feature deranged laughing (possibly a perfect edition to the sound-track of the famous X-Files episode "Home"). 
 I think it's impossible to describe this tape using just words, but I will say that it's like nothing I've heard before, and the final track is so catchy I played it non stop for best part of an hour. Kinda like Bluegrass on Acid and with the feel of Doom Metal trying to be Country.


  1. Thank you so much for this gem!

  2. My pleasure, thanks for commenting, I am delighted you enjoy the release - it's certainly something!