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Titan Mountain - Everlasting Cult


This is the 14th of Titan Mountain's 19 current releases. The project is best described as Symphonic Metal, with Black and Death influences and a whole lot of Ambient interludes.
Titan Mountain is the main project of Polish multi-instrumentalist "Nazgrim" (Hubert Olejarczyk). Alongside Titan Mountain, he is also involved in numerous other projects, which I will try to post on here in the future.
As for "Everlasting Cult"? Well I don't know why he didn't give this much of an official release yet, as it's one of my favourite demos of his. Heavy on Blitz-like drums, Orchestral sections and immeasurable other delights to mine ears, imagine a Dreamlike-Lord of the Rings, with Guitar Solos and Keyboard fills aplenty.

Despite what M-A, Discogs, and everything else seem to say, this CD has 13 tracks, not 12.


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